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365: Repeat the Year (365: 1 Year Against Destiny / 365: Unmyeongeul Geoseuleuneun 1nyeon / 365: 운명을 거스르는 1년) Arabic Subtitles

 365: Repeat the Year (365: 1 Year Against Destiny / 365: Unmyeongeul Geoseuleuneun 1nyeon / 365: 운명을 거스르는 1년)

Series Info:

Released: 23 Mar 2020
Runtime: 30 min
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller
Director: N/A
Actors: Joon-hyuk Lee, Ji-Hyun Nam, Ji-Soo Kim
Country: South Korea
Rating: N/A


A story where ten people get the chance to go back in time by one year, but unexpectedly mysterious situations start to arise when their fates are changed and twisted in the process.

Apr 03, 2020 13:35:33 ibrahim.alnaeem Arabic 154

Release Name:

365: 운명을 거스르는 1년.365.Repeat.The.Year.E05-E06.200330-NEXT-x
365: 운명을 거스르는 1년.365.Repeat.The.Year.E05-E06.200330-NEXT

Release Info:

الترجمة مقدمة من فريق ايقو دراما  
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