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When I Was the Most Beautiful (내가 가장 예뻤을 때) Indonesian Subtitles

 When I Was the Most Beautiful (내가 가장 예뻤을 때)
Aug 28, 2020 08:21:40 mutiqoos Indonesian 1134

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내가가장예뻤을때ㆍWhen I was the Most Beautiful.E05-E06.NEXT
내가가장예뻤을때ㆍMy Prettiest Day.E05-E06.NEXT

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runtime: 01:05:20 | maaf kalau ada typo :D 
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1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:03,000 Engsub by KOCOWA | Synced by ParkMinYoung Teks Bahasa Indonesia oleh Mutia Ramadhans 2 00:00:03,000 --> 00:00:06,000 Follow IG @sub_by_mut twitter @mutqs 3 00:00:07,570 --> 00:00:11,170 Ssaem, bisa datang ke tempat kita mengambil siput rawa? 4 00:00:12,670 --> 00:00:14,300 Aku akan menemuimu di sana jam enam. 5 00:01:07,500 --> 00:01:10,440 Aku tidak bisa berenang. 6 00:02:30,170 --> 00:02:32,680 - Ayo tangkap! - Ayo! 7 00:02:32,680 --> 00:02:34,180 - Di sana. - Di sana. 8 00:02:34,180 --> 00:02:35,550 - Di mana? - Di mana? 9 00:02:35,550 --> 00:02:36,710